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Our small animal boarding facility offers veterinary approved boarding for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents. We try to do everything to maximise your creature’s comfort.

Our trained care team are here to ensure that your pet’s needs are met.

Grooming of long haired rabbits and guinea pigs can be quite time consuming and so, is available as an extra.

Please check with you veterinary practice for details of current vaccination requirements for rabbits.

Creature Comforts - Small Animal Boarding

We recommend

Small Furry boarding facts

Rabbits and guinea pigs can be accommodated in their own enclosed chalet with  hygienic, easily disinfected concrete floor.

The chalets have 3 wooden sides and a mesh front. The roof which is UV resistant corrugated PV sheet, ensures that your friend can enjoy his run whatever the weather.

All chalets come complete with a cosy hutch. Hutch and run chalets are suitable for one or two animals.

Outdoor Hutch and Run Chalets

Our spacious indoor “suites”  are the same size as our cat chalets, so can comfortably accommodate 4 bunnies or guinea pigs. They are ideal for the discerning house rabbit owner.

The sleeping area has a removable low shelf, which can be removed to accommodate a hutch if requested.

There is room for litter tray in the sleeping area and in the run for those who are house trained.

Suites offer plenty of room for play and toys.

In cold weather we are able to close the door to the run and heat the sleeping area.

We highly recommend viewing of this facility.

Indoor Suites

We also look after smaller pets such as mice, hamster, rats,gerbils, degus, and chinchillas. You bring your pet to us complete with cage, dry food and specialist substrata (if used) and we will tend to your pet’s daily needs.

We can supply wood based cat litter or saving as substrata and hay or shredded tea bag paper bedding.

Smaller guests

On veterinary recommendation we request that you supply the dry food that your pet is used to in order to avoid upset tummies. You are also welcome to bring in treats, such as chew sticks and yogurt drops for your pet’s delight.

Fruit and vegetables in season are also available, please see our room service menu.


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