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Our Cattery is sited away from the kennels and our feline guests have a view of the garden, the rabbit hutches or our fruit and vegetable plot depending on which section they are in.

The cattery buildings have attractive tiled pitched roofs with steel sheeting and UV resistant transparent PVC covering the run areas and security corridor.  The catteries even have sun blinds to protect those hard core sun worshippers in the summer.

Our cat rooms are suitable for 1-3 cats from one family. We also have 3 family units that can accommodate up to 6 cats.

The Cattery

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

9.30 - 12.00 & 15.00 - 17.00


9.30 - 12.00


9.30 12.00 & 14.00 - 16.00


10.00 - 12.30

Public holidays closed

Please phone for Xmas/New Year Opening times


Cat Boarding Facts

Home from Home Comfort

We can provide “Puss” with a comfortable plastic bed and cosy fleecy bedding, but you are welcome to bring his (or her) own bed or rugs. Some of our regulars even bring their cushion for their sun chair!  

You may also wish to bring in Puss’s scratching post (we are not allowed to provide them due too disinfection problems) and some of favourite toys.

For colder nights heating is available in the sleeping area.

Your cat’s accommodation comprises an individually heated sleeping area with raised bed platform. Some chalets have an additional high shelf which is purrfect for watching the world from.  The attached covered run is complete with a plastic chair for sunbathing, that lazy afternoon nap or just watching the world, birds and bunnies go by. Naturally there is a convenient litter tray (we offer a choice of wood-based or gravel litter)  and a bowl of fresh water in each chalet.

Your Cat’s Accommodation

In line with FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) recommendations all runs and corridors have a wire netting safety barrier beneath the roof covering and all our cat chalets have full height sneeze barriers to minimise risk of infection.

Some cat diseases (such as feline leukaemia) need direct contact between cats while others (such as enteritis) can be passed on via handling or can be airborne like the flu viruses.The design of our cattery is in line with the FAB principles that ventilation and airflow minimise the spreading of air-borne disease and all surfaces and materials used can be easily of cleaned and disinfected (we use a hospital quality cat safe disinfectant) thus minimising the risk of passing on diseases.

Health Features

Cats are fed twice a day (see Room Service menu) but we find that most cats (who are allowed dry food) love to have a dish of crunchies to snack on between meals.

We have a separate kitchen for cat and small animal food storage and preparation. We are also able to offer the facility to fee a pre prepared frozen diet, but please let us know if you are planning to bring frozen food as freezer space is limited.


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