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Freedom Field

Our bees help to pollinate our fruit and vegetables which are used in our preserves. They also produce honey and wax. We hope to use both of these products to make soaps, lip balms and creams.

Sunnymead Honey

We grow locally sourced (usually Gloucester Old Spot) piglets on to slaughter weight. They are fed on grass, weeds and GM free food. They live outdoors and spend their days doing piggy things. As you can see they love to dig and take mud baths!

Sunnymead pigs

Our hens live outdoors in enclosures (to keep Mr Fox out). Fresh eggs from our hens and quail are available for sale through Sunnymead Kennels reception. Call in an buy some!.

Sunnymead poultry

Jams are made using home grown fresh fruits in season: Rhubarb, Rhubarb & Ginger, Rhubarb Ginger & Chili, Tayberry, Jostaberry, Blackcurrant, Shropshire Damson, Plum, Greengage, Blackberry.

Our Luxury Home Made Lemon Curd, made using our own eggs, has quite a following.

Sunnymead preserves

Sunnymead pork

Contented, happy pigs make wonderfully tasty pork. We think it is best slow cooked to retain taste and succulence. We are taking orders for Christmas Pork is available to pre order as 1/8 ¼ or ½ pig boxes


We produce fully traceable, outdoor reared, GM pork and sausages from our pigs; eggs from our chickens and quail; honey from our bees and homemade preserves.

We believe that nature provides wonderful ingredients.

Rain, sunshine, good raw materials and good husbandry are the basis of our operation.