(Revision 25 February 2013 - please check for latest version)

1.   FEES - boarding is charged by the day (including day of arrival and day of  departure), so our minimum charge is 2 days.  Prices may be  subject to change and will be charged at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.

2.   EXTRAS  - heating charges, preparation of special diets, administration of medication, grooming, bathing & clipping,  transportation,  veterinary expenses, Doggie Day Care, etc will be priced separately and added to the final account.

3.   DEPOSITS - a deposit (or payment in full for a short stay) of £30 - dog/ £20 - cat or small furry per week of stay is required, at your   earliest convenience, to confirm your booking. Deposits are non refundable.

4.   PAYMENTS -  we accept cash and cheques. Sorry we do not take cards.  New customers paying by cheque should settle their accounts   when dropping off their pet. All costs of dishonoured cheques will be charged. No pet will not be released until their account is settled in full, including any veterinary expenses.

5.   VACCINATIONS - All pets accepted for boarding must be accompanied by current Vaccination Certificates showing evidence of  vaccinations and boosters (within the last 12 months). Dogs must be vaccinated against Kennel Cough annually - administered a  minimum of three clear days prior to boarding.

6.   MEDICATIONS - Our insurance company will only cover the administration of vet prescribed and labelled medications. Pets on other  products will not be covered and we will not be held responsible for any problems related to these products. Medications will only be
given during normal working hours, we cannot guarantee specific times. If a pet refuses medication we will seek veterinary assistance.

7.   VETERINARY TREATMENT - The proprietor shall decide if it is in the best interests of a pet’s health to seek veterinary  attention.  Our vets are Wrekin View Vets, 13 Queen Street, Wellington. Out of Hours treatment is covered by Vets Now, 78 Haygate Road, Wellington. All Veterinary fees and the time costs of attending and transportation to  and from the veterinary surgery are the responsibility of the client.

8.   RISK - Whilst every care will be given to the welfare and safety of all pets boarded, all pets are boarded at the clients risk.

9.  DUTY OF CARE ANIMAL WELFARE LAW -  be aware that your pet’s condition will be assessed on entry and comments noted below, if this is not possible for any reason it will also be noted. You must tell us if your pet has ever attacked or bitten anyone or is on the   Dangerous Dogs exemption register. You will also be required to sign for receipt of your pet upon collection and are welcome to add  comments. Our responsibility for your pet starts from the time the pet is handed over to us and ends when you collect the pet.

10.   BELONGINGS - All belongings (toys, beds, bedding, carriers, etc.) left on the premises are entirely at the client’s risk. Bedding must be   machine washable. We take no responsibility for items left after departure.

11.   PET CARRIERS. All carriers must be clearly marked with the clients name and address.

12.   PETS SHARING. Dogs or cats from the same household may be housed / exercised together, at owner’s risk, but will be separated at the proprietor’s discretion (such as in cases of aggression).

13.   EARLY COLLECTION - Should you return from your trip early you are welcome to collect your pet (within our normal  opening hours),  however the full booked period remains payable.

14.   FAILURE TO COLLECT pet/pets on the stated date of departure, without giving notification of a delay may cause inconvenience due to the need to service other reservations. This may lead to pet/pets being housed in a holding facility. Costs for this inconvenience will be maintained at regular rates for two days only, double the daily rate will then apply. Failure to collect the pet and the failure to notify the proprietor of any delays in writing, within fourteen days, will lead to the proprietor deciding that the pet/pets has/have been abandoned. Further action will be at the proprietor’s discretion.

15.  COLLECTION BY A THIRD PARTY - Pets will only be released to the person who signed the boarding contract unless a third party has been previous nominated or holds signed authority from the signatory.

16. DATA PROTECTION - information that is collected about yourself and your pets is used in order to comply with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act, The Animal Welfare Act and Local Authority requirements. We do not trade data with outside organisations. We may  from time to time contact you regarding our own promotions or for our own marketing purposes.

17. MARKETING - during you pet’s stay with us we may take photographs which could be used for our own marketing purposes or posted on  to our own Sunnymead Kennels & Cattery Facebook page.


A  Prices include: shavings, straw, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables - you supply your pet’s usual dry feed and any specialist bedding.

B  Pets sharing - In line with RSPCA recommendations  we prefer that rabbits and guinea pigs do not share the same accommodation. Male and female animals will not be allowed to share accommodation unless neutered.

C  Health Requirements - If any pet shows signs of disease, illness, injury or pregnancy, we reserve the right not to accept the pet. Please notify us of any non-contagious medical conditions at the time of booking.

Rabbits - we require vaccination against the Myxomatosis virus within the last 6 months  Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) within  last 12 months  (please bring the vaccination card with you) and recommend protection against E.Cuncili.

Ferrets  - must be vaccinated against Canine Distemper (within last 12 months).

General - we recommend that rabbits and guinea pigs be treated with a “Spot-on” product, such as Rear Guard, to reduce the risk of fly strike and that all small mammals be treated with a suitable product to control fleas, ticks, lice and mites prior to boarding. Your vet will advise on suitable products.

 Please be aware that small pets can pass away with very little warning.  Should this happen the pet will be taken to our vets (Wrekin  View, Wellington)  and kept until your return.

I undertake to abide by the terms and conditions applicable during the time my pet/pets is/are boarded on these  premises. I confirm that the pet/pets are sound and healthy and that the kennel staff have been made aware of any medical conditions or behavioural issues that exist. I consent to my pet/pets being examined and treated by a veterinary surgeon whenever necessary.

Please read this carefully if your pet is to stay with us

Boarding Contract

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