Sunnymead Kennels & Cattery Terms & Conditions

as we want everyone to get it right and not have to turn anyone with a booking away.  
During check-in we ask you to sign our Boarding Contract as having read and understood our Terms and conditions. 


All visits to our premises must be pre-booked. We do not have a dedicated receptionist so our staff need to know when to expect you.

Our boarding charges are "by-the-day" as most of our work looking after your pet is during the day, this means a charge is made for each day that your pet is with us.
Our minimum charge period is 3 days/2 nights.

Christmas/New Year and Bank Holiday weekends have a minimum stay charge. Christmas & New Year bookings are subject to premium rates.  

We are closed to visitors on Sundays and National Public holidays. Prices may be subject to change and will be charged at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.  


  Such as providing food if you forget to bring any, preparation of special diets, caring for in-continent animals, grooming & bathing, extra playtimes and enrichment activities, transportation, veterinary  expenses, etc. will be priced separately and added to your final account.

A Holding Fee is charged to reserve accommodation for your pet. A Holding Fee is charged for each week of stay booked - and is not refundable.  

We do not take "Provisional bookings" so if your Holding Fee is not received within 7 days the booking is cancelled.

  Full payment for boarding fees (less your holding fee) is due 7 days prior to the start of the boarding period.


Changes to bookings must be made at least 7 days prior to arrival -  otherwise this will be treated as a cancellation.  When you make a booking with us you enter into a Contract with us.

Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to arrival (or if you do not show up) result in forfeit of all monies paid and you are be liable to be charged for the full period booked.
Customers are advised to have adequate travel insurance that will cover late cancellation.

Proof of current vaccinations is needed. Customers are responsible for ensuring vaccinations are up-to-date. Dogs need protections against Distemper, Hepatis and Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Para-influenza and kennel cough vacs. Inoculations for Leptospirosis and  Upper Respiratory Tract infections/Kennel Cough must be done annually.     
Please note dogs receiving the oral Veriscan Bb (bordetella only) must also have a Para-influenza vaccine and cannot be accepted for boarding until 3 weeks after the vaccination.
Cats need FPV, FHV+FCV vaccinations. Cat vaccinations must have been completed at least 14 days prior to staying with us. 

All dogs must be micro-chipped and the owner’s details recorded on an appropriate database.


All Medical conditions  and medications must be disclosed at time of booking.  If any pet shows signs of disease, illness, injury or pregnancy, we reserve the right not to accept the pet. Sunnymead Kennels and Cattery shall not be responsible for any animal contracting a disease or infection that is spread by airborne transmission.


 Our insurance company will only cover the administration of vet prescribed and labelled medications. The administration of other products will not be covered by our insurance. 
We will not be held liable for any problems resulting from the administration of owner supplied non vet products.  Medications will only be  given during normal working hours,  we cannot guarantee specific times. If a pet continually refuses medication we reserve the right to seek (and charge for) veterinary advice/assistance.


 All pets should be treated prior to boarding.We reserve the right to consult your vet should any pet show  signs of having parasites.

The cost of this and any treatments, medications, etc. will be chargeable.

Our insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions or undisclosed medical conditions. It is there to cover events that occur, as a result of an accidental injury on our premises up to a maximum of £1,500. The treatment period is covered by the insurance is for a maximum of 30 days following the incident.  Costs resulting from injuries to pets sharing accommodation, at the their owner's request, are the sole responsibility of the owner. Sunnymead must be notified within 48 hours of a pet leaving of any issues, you believe have arisen from your pet's stay with us. We take the health of our guests seriously and will take veterinary advice, either by consulting your own vet  or, if they are unavailable or unwilling to give us information, our own vets at Wrekin View Vets, should we notice anything untoward. Out of Hours treatment is covered by Vets Now  unless your own Vet offers an Out-of-Hours service.  All Veterinary fees, the time costs of attending and transportation to and from the veterinary surgery are the responsibility of the client.

Whilst every care will be given to the welfare and safety of all pets boarded, all pets are boarded at the clients risk.

Your pet’s condition will be assessed on entry and comments noted, if this is not possible for any reason it will also be noted.You must tell us if your pet has ever attacked or bitten anyone or is on the Dangerous Dogs exemption register. Should your pet exhibit behaviour which puts our staff at risk then you will be asked to remove the animal. Our responsibility for your pet starts from the time the pet is handed over to us and ends when you collect the pet. We ask that owners of senior pets let us know their wishes (in writing) should the pet be taken ill whilst in our care  and also inform their vet that their pet is staying with us. 

Any toys, beds, bedding, leads, scratching posts, etc. are left with us at owner’s risk and should be suitable for purpose. We suggest that you do not bring treasured items as there is a risk of them being damaged, misplaced or going home with another guest. We cannot accept anything filled with micro-beads/poly-beads.


All dogs must wear a collar with identification tag, even if they wear a harness  - this is a legal requirement - and must be brought into Reception on a lead.


Are the responsibility of owners who should check that they are fit for purpose.  Sunnymead & their staff will not be held responsible for any cats escaping from collapsing, broken or damaged cat carriers Cat carriers must stay  in the unit with the cat.


Dogs or cats from the same household may be housed / exercised together, at owner’s risk, but will be separated at the proprietor’s discretion (such as in cases of aggression). 

By signing our Contract you consent to your pets sharing accommodation. Entire male and female animals will not be allowed to share accommodation. 


If a dog prevents daily kennels routine due to aggressive behaviour thought to endanger our staff, and a request to remove the dog is made, you or your emergency contact must remove the animal from our premises - however the full booked period remains payable.


We are pet loves and understand that should you return from your trip early you want your pet home. You are  welcome to book an earlier appointment to collect your pet (within our normal working hours), however the full booked period remains payable. 


Pet/pets still with us after  the stated date of departure, without giving us of notification of a delay will  cause inconvenience. Costs for this inconvenience will be maintained at regular rates for two days only, double the daily rate will then apply. Failure to collect the pet and the failure to notify Sunnymead of any delays in writing, within fourteen days, will lead to us deciding that the pet/pets has/have been abandoned.    Further action will be at the proprietor’s discretion.


Pets will only be released to the person who signed the boarding contract unless a third party has been previous nominated  or holds signed authority from the signatory.


We are registered with the ICO and only collect information necessary to fulfil our legal obligations and look after  your pets. By signing our contract  you give your permission for us to fulfil our obligations under current legislation.  We may from time  to time contact you regarding our own promotions or for our own marketing purposes.


During your pet’s stay with us we may take photographs which could be used for our own marketing purposes or posted  on to our own Sunnymead Kennels & Cattery Facebook page once the pet has gone home. 

Revised 31st January 2023 - please check for latest version

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