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Our fully equipped Studio caters for pedigree and mixed breed dogs. We have a height adjustable professional grooming table which enables to to groom different sizes of dogs comfortably.

All bathing is carried out using warm water and we have shampoos suitable for use with different coat types and colours. Drying is done by hand using a power dryer, if the dog permits, or a towel.  We do not use a drying box or cage dryers.

All our grooming and micro chipping work is covered under our insurance policy.

Sunny Groom Studio

Su, our groomer, trained at Writtle College and has also attended Certificated courses in Animal First Aid and Micro Chip implanting.

All our kennel staff have been trained to brush out, bath and hand dry dogs.

You may make an appointment for your pet to be groomed :


Our Services

A Pleasurable Experience

A visit to the Groomer should be a pleasurable experience for both dog and owner.

Grooming is essential to the well being of a dog as it removes loose hair, dander and any debris from the coat.

Bathing removes dirt, grease and smells that have built up in the coat and massages the skin, stimulating the circulation and hair follicles. The result is a clean, fresh smelling dog. By using a good quality shampoo that replenishes the coat’s natural oils it is possible to bath dogs as often as you like.

In coated breeds, clipping the coat can create a practical, easy to maintain style for the busy owner which removes excess hair, reduces shredding and reduces maintenance time.

Wash &  Dry:

A quick brush out, followed by two warm washes,towel drying and a splash of cologne. An ideal freshen up before going home after boarding.

Bath & Brush Out:

Brush out, remove minor knots, clean ears, clip nails if dog permits, two warm washes, conditioning treatment if appropriate, then drying. Completed with an application of doggy cologne.

Full Groom:

As above but including clipping and styling.

De-shedding Treatment

Removal of loose undercoat. Can be combined with Wash & Dry or Bath & Brush Out.. Ideal for double coated breeds such as Labradors when changing their coat.

Nail Trimming

Daily Grooming service for boarders

Micro Chipping

Hygiene, Health & Safety

We take the  risk of cross-infection very seriously and insist that all our four-legged clients are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Hygiene is very important to us and the grooming table, bath and all equipment are cleaned, then sterilised or disinfected after each dog. Freshly laundered towels are used for each dog.

Dogs weighing more than 20 kg who are unable to into the bath unaided will need to be lifted by two people.

If a dog becomes distressed we reserve the right to stop working even if the procedure is unfinished.

Our Staff

Micro chipping

Microchipping provides veterinary practices, charities, and dog wardens with the ability to reunite lost and stray dogs quickly and safely with their owners. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted just below the skin of a pet, usually between the shoulder blades.

Compulsory microchipping for dogs is about to become law - all dog owners in England will need to have their dog microchipped by 6 April 2016. In Wales the date is March 2015. Once chipped your dog’s details need to be registered on one of the authorised commercial databases.  Microchipping of cats is recommended (but not compulsory).

Su is a fully trained microchip implanter with over 5 years experience.  All our chips come with registration on Petlog, the largest UK data, as standard.

If your pet is already chipped but you have lost the details we can scan for the chip so that you can update your information.

Regular scanning of your pet’s chip is recommended to check that everything is still working. We are happy to do this as part of a grooming appointment or during check-in for a stay in kennels.

“Thank you for the photos of Hugo, he looks like a show dog!  I am amazed what you can do with him considering the state he gets into.” - Vanessa Perry

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